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Female Founded + Owned

As a marketing consultancy that is WBE (Women in Business Enterprise) certified, we bring a unique perspective and value to any project. Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our ability to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

Teachers at Heart

Co-founders, Traci Jones and Jana Kopp, are adjunct professors at Portland State University where they develop curriculum and teach Content Strategy for the Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate program. This program is a part of the Center for Executive and Professional Education and teaches students the ABCs of content strategy, including audience personas and journeys, and the most effective ways of putting strategy into action.



Traci Jones


For over 20 years Traci has guided large, multi-faceted programs, developed and implemented strategies at scale, and has tirelessly collaborated with diverse teams to reach business goals. As director of marketing she has worked inside brands and with agency clients to establish foundational marketing programs, orchestrate events across the nation, and create successful brand and communications strategies. A sprinkling of brands Traci has worked with; Discover, AT&T, and Microsoft.


Traci is able to build bridges between art and science to create best-in-class marketing plans and brand stories. She anchors all of her work to the design thinking ideology—a repeatable, human-centered methodology for creative problem solving and innovation. She believes this approach is critical to creating truly impactful stories.


Jana Kopp


With over 15 years of digital marketing experience, Jana has led marketing teams both in-house and at fast-paced agencies. From roles such as senior director and head of content, she's learned that leading and listening are equal players on the road to success. Her versatility is evident in her ability to work closely with small to medium-sized businesses, global non-profits, luxury brands, and enterprise organizations. She's supported brands across a wide range of industries to launch and maintain multi-channel marketing programs that deepen customer engagement and drive results.

To accomplish this, Jana helps businesses find their competitive niche in the noisy landscape, deeply understand their target audience's mindset, and unlock their potential by bringing unique and authentic brand stories to life.




For the past 25 years, Graham has excelled in leadership, sales, and strategy roles across diverse sectors—high tech, the Department of Defense, entertainment, and nonprofits. Driven by a passion for understanding clients' unique goals and challenges, coupled with his deep practical business acumen, Graham successfully collaborates with them to co-create strategic roadmaps that lead to success.


The Swell Co-Lab’s collective experience in Portland agencies, inside brands, and participation in events such as Design Week PDX has solidified strong and lasting relationships with talent ranging from producers to illustrators, motion designers to data analysts. It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon but it’s only one degree of separation. You need trusted and vetted talent and we either have it or we have immediate access to it. 


Our team has celebrated triumphs, braved the Willamette River on paddleboards, enjoyed countless happy hours, and dog-sat each other’s pups. We have been in the trenches, suffered failures, and picked each other up. It’s not often you get the opportunity to choose your people and it’s one we don’t take for granted.




For over 20 years, Tyson has been creating illustration, interactive design production, and 2D motion graphics for top brands such as Nike, Facebook, Mattel, Bentley, and Procter & Gamble. His flexible skill set has allowed him to work with just about every type of team configuration. His goal is to help clients deliver inspired, engaging visuals and clear design to intended audiences.


With a lifelong passion for screen-bound creativity, Nicole has navigated a dynamic career path spanning various multimedia domains. Her journey commenced with an immersive 3-year role directing live TV news, but her heart gravitated back to the world of digital graphics and design. Armed with 15 years of diverse experience, Nicole's versatile background equips her to excel in two collaborative-driven pursuits: the art of teaching and the craft of design. 


Strategic Marketing Inc is Swell’s vetted and trusted partner for PPC, SEO, and website development. As an analytics-led company they help organizations grow by designing and activating tailored digital solutions that increase online visibility, optimize website functionality, and enhance online presence. From paid media to website management, your business goals are their priority.