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Interested in working together? Drop us a note, write us a poem, or if you are in Portland, Oregon you can just try yelling really loud.

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We are a virtual island of misfit toys. We love pushing the envelope and hate bullsh%t. We still think Shrinky Dinks are neat. There is no limit to where we draw inspiration. We are kind and love dogs. We work hard. We prefer texts and emails to voicemails, but we’ll answer all of them. WE ARE SWELL.

Don’t Be


We are always looking to expand our network. Send us a note and tell us about yourself, your pets, your favorite project, your mad skills, your first blind date, but for the love of Pete, please don’t just copy and paste your resume—snooze. Hit us up at

Fun Fact

If you order a Digiorno Pizza on Instacart, it’s both delivery and Digiorno.
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