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Why We Broke Up With Twitter

Twitter Break-up

In past years, Twitter has been an integral part of the social media landscape, allowing individuals and organizations to connect, share ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations. However, as the winds of change blew through the corridors of this once vibrant platform, its ownership transition brought a shift in its core values, leading us to make a difficult decision: deleting our presence on Twitter.

As we bid farewell to Twitter, it is essential to emphasize that our decision is not a call to abandon social media altogether. Rather, it is a conscious choice to distance ourselves from a platform whose beliefs no longer align with ours. We believe in the power of free expression and open dialogue to build a more inclusive, kind, and empathetic online community.

As we move forward, we will seek alternative platforms that provide a space for constructive conversations and meaningful connections. We invite others to join us in critically evaluating the platforms they use and standing up for the principles that drive positive change in the digital realm. Let us advocate for social media platforms that nurture an atmosphere of openness and tolerance. Together, we can shape a more compassionate and thoughtful online world.


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