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Website and sales collateral


CleanerPath is a start-up B2B and B2C provider of an incredibly effective and affordable suite of products for daily use against COVID-19 and other harmful viral pathogens. They offer room our temperature screeners and full room decontamination systems, to the only solid hospital-grade disinfectant on EPA’s List N. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and businesses and schools trying to reopen across the country, it was imperative that CleanerPath get to market as quickly as possible.



In order to launch quickly, we conducted a half day discovery with the client to better understand CleanerPath’s goals, the specific needs of the website, the tools required by their sales team, and their brand. Using a human-centered approach, we mapped the users journeys, created wireframes, and defined their brand essence. Our team then worked around the clock to complete the design, copy, and development of the site while simultaneously creating marketing materials for their sales team. The final product demonstrates a strong brand, clear messaging to their audience, and a suite of products individualized for sales enablement.



  • Website

  • Company two-page

  • Individual product sales sheets

  • Launch announcement copy

  • PR support

  • Signage

  • E-comm integration

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