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Social media, email campaigns, paid media, and influencer program


Sportland Tea Co. offers an entire line of tea products created to support athletic performance by increasing endurance, reducing recovery time, and enhancing cognition. After a long hiatus from marketing, Sportland needed to reinvigorate their brand, earn new customers, re-engage existing customers, and meet revenue goals. But with no existing strategy, how were they going to get back on the map and engage their audience within a limited timeframe? Sportland engaged The Swell Co-Lab to do just that!



We conducted a competitive audit as well as a discovery session to learn about Sportland Tea’s brand and goals. Our first task was to create a social media strategy to help launch their new product while also getting back on people’s radar. From there, we crafted a social media content calendar that broke content into five segments: health benefits, consumption, community, lifestyle, and promo. The calendar included content and creative direction. 


To help amplify the brand and the new product we created an influencer outreach program that included an influencer identification matrix, influencer contract, outreach plan, and communication and copy. Simultaneously we leveraged Sportland Tea’s large contact list and created monthly email campaigns to re-engage past customers and bring awareness to new customers of the instant tea mix. To help grow their audience and drive sales, we developed a paid media pilot campaign, on both Facebook and Instagram. This campaign will test a variety of target audience groups, key messages, and online behaviors at different phases of the sales funnel so we can continually optimize content and increase consumer engagement.



  • Cross-channel product launch strategy

  • Brand awareness social strategy

  • Social media content calendar including copy and creative direction

  • Influencer outreach program

  • Email campaigns

  • Paid media strategy and management

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